Special Ministries

The folks at St. Bart's raised nearly $2500 towards building homes for families in need.  Part of these funds will support the Episcopal-MN project in White Earth and the rest will support the FaithBuild project in Bemidji.

To mark the Night of Hunger in March, St. Bart's hosted a scrumpious meal at Peoples Church (see photo below).  Additionally, food and money was raised to support the pantries of Peoples Church and Bemidji Area Food Shelf. 

From left to right, the picture belows shows:  Rodney Austin (intercessor - pastoral care), Patricia Conner (pastoral care - preacher), The Rev. Don Conner, (deacon-evangelist-preacher), Kathy Schmit (pastoral care), The Rev. Stephen R. Schmit (sacramentalist-liturgist), The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior (Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota),The Rev. Dr. Johannas Jordan (sacramentalist-liturgist), The Rev. Charlie Champlin (deacon-evangelist-preacher ), Diane Hull (stewardship-evangelist).  Missing are Dr. Carol Porterfield Milowski (preacher) and The Rev. Gretchen Pickeral (mentor). 

Bishop Brian Prior, shown with The Rev. Stephen R Schmit and The Rev. Dr. Johannas Asmussen Jordan, AOJN.  The ordination ceremony was held at St. James, Hibbing.  Scroll down for more photos of this joyous occasion.

Fourteen tubs and several bags were gifts of love for eleven families.

See the feature from Lakeland Public TV about this year's World AIDS Day ecumenical service by clicking here. 

Our ecumenical St. Francis Day service was led by the Rev. Bob Kelly (Peoples Church), Rev. Gretchen Pickeral (St. Bartholomew's), and Rev. Karol McKracken (New Salem Lutheran Church).  Native American flute music was provided by Jon Romer.  And God provided an amazing day of warm sunshine!!

Two natural beauties!  Sylvia and Kayla clearly love each other. What a fantastic pair.

Vern & Shirley...and their pretty kitty.

Carol K and Rene R show off a couple of their furry favorites.

Here's Carol M with her sweet baby, Desi.  Desi's eyes are the color of ice. What a lucky cat to have an adoring 'mama' like Carol.

Here you get a better view of Desi's eyes.  Amazing.

...And a closer look at Syliva's Kayla. 

...Many of our beloved animals (such as Diane's Gus)  just couldn't break away from their busy schedules.  Even though some were unable to attend, they received prayers just the same.  Some people brought photos of beloved animals and some just spoke their name when it was time to receive a blessing. 

Rene carried the smudge around for each person and animal to share.

The animals were all so well-behaved.  ....Liz's Ginger was just a doll!   (And yes, the humans behaved well too.  ...And yes, that includes our Bob K.  LOL)

...And they were all just so darn cute!  This little sweetie's name is Zombie.  And his amber eyes are almost the same color as his fur.  (This fearless little guy really, really wanted to take a closer look at those big doggies!)

A collection was taken to support the work of Beltrami Humane Society.  The St. Francis Day service then concluded with an opportunity for people to write the names of beloved animals that are no longer with us.  The names were gathered to be burned in a prayer ceremony at a later date.  ...If you were not able to join us this year, hopefully you'll be able to join us at next year's Blessing of the Animals.  Until then--stay warm!!