Special Ministries

TUBS OF LOVE MINISTRY:  St. Bart's provides tubs filled with holiday needs and goodies to families that are identified through Bi-Cap.  This ministry brings joy both to those who give and those who receive. It has been a vital Christmas ministry at St. Bart's for the past several years.  This year, St. Bartholomew's gave food, gifts, prayers, and love to eleven families who live in our community.

THEOLOGY FOR BREAKFAST, our book club, meets 8:00 - 9:30am on Tuesdays.  Please stop by and join us if this sounds interesting. 

INTERCESSION MINISTRY ~ Rodney Austin is our daily intercessor.  If you have specific prayers that you would like added to his daily devotion, please email or call the church with your request.  You may also contact Rodney directly; his contact information is listed in our directory.  When you make your prayer request, please indicate whether or not you would like the request to be included in our Sunday bulletin.  All requests will remain absolutely private, unless you specify inclusion in the bulletin.

ANGLICAN PRAYER BEADS ~ Anglican Prayer Beads is the Episcopal form of the rosary. It is an ancient form of prayer and the contemporary form was developed by an Episcopal priest about 25 years ago. The prayer beads are in a circle of thirty three beads and a cross. Twenty-eight beads called weeks are divided in four sets of seven each. Each week is separated by a single bead called cruciform beads, the final bead is called the invitatory bead and it just above the cross. A leader begins the prayer and responses are given by the rest of the congregation. Prayer sheets are used and prayer beads to borrow are available. 

FLOWER MINISTRY ~ The flower ministry provides flowers for weekly services and special flowers for Christmas and Easter. Flowers for the weekly services are gifts to the church from individuals. The flowers can come from local gardens, florists, or local stores. The giver may bring the flowers to the church or supply money and the flowers will be purchased and brought to the church. After the service, the flowers may remain at the church or you may bring them home.  Forms for dedication are available in the narthex and flowers can be given in memory of people, anniversaries or birthdays; thanksgiving for special gifts, people, or blessings; in celebration of a church holiday or other activity; and always to the glory of God. Poinsettias are purchased for Christmas and Lilies for Easter, with money donated by individuals. Dedications are taken for each holiday. 

OTHER MINISTRIES include Outreach, ECW, & Green Team. Our very popular book club is called "Theology for Breakfast" and meets Tuesdays at 8am.  Please be sure to visit again to see more details.

This window was first dedicated in memory of Frank Wallis Street (1854-1903).  After the church moved, the window was rededicated, in loving memory of Daral E. Olson, (1927-1995).